Estate Planning – Easy Estate System

A Comprehensive Approach to Protecting Your Estate

At True Classic Wealth we understand that with the blessing of success comes the complexity of protecting that blessing. While no one wants to leave important decisions around their family and estate to chance, many Americans still don’t have a will or trust and more only have out of date documents. Why? The process can be uncomfortable, complicated, time consuming, and expensive.

Estate planning encompasses a wide range of factors including wills, trusts, family corporations or partnerships, beneficiaries, property ownership, powers of attorney, and specific final arrangements for an estate or business. These aspects can be hard to navigate alone without a plan to put into action. Our firm works to help conserve the wealth and success of our clients by offering new estate preservation strategies to ensure that they accomplish their goals regardless of predictable or unforeseen circumstances.

4 Key Elements of an Estate Plan

Living or
Revokable Trust

Pour Over

Advanced Health Care Directive

Power of
Attorney (POA)

As your financial advisor, part of our commitment to you is to ensure this important task is completed. That’s why we’re excited to share with you this new estate planning option we’ve incorporated into our practice. We have teamed up with expert resources to address your estate planning needs in a simple and affordable way, and we can do it right in office or via a web meeting.

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